Welcome To My Blog!

Hello!  Welcome to my blog!

Ten quick facts about me:

1. It hate it when people spell the word “cool” “k-e-w-l” with a burning, fiery passion.

2. I dig exercising… especially when there’s yoga involved.

3. I love baking and cooking.

4. I HATE cleaning and organizing. I don’t think there is an organized bone in my body… but I’m trying really hard to remedy that.  As much as I hate cleaning and organizing, I also hate having a dirty, disorganized house.

5. I can knit circles around your grandma.

6. I always check the backseat of my car every time I get in. You never know… there could be a serial killer in there waiting to murder me.

7. I ❤ perfect grammar.  I also ❤ fixing people’s bad grammar.

8. I drink an obscene amount of water, and I’m a snob about what kind of water I drink. I refuse to drink tap water. (Unless I’m at camp. I’ll drink that tap water.) In fact, I bring multiple bottles of water to work with me every day, just so I know I’ll have good water to drink. (The water at work is GROSS.)

9. I have an unhealthy fear that I, or my husband, will die young/in some sort of freakish manner. Car accident, serial killer in my backseat, drowning, house fire… you get the idea.

10. I am forever grateful that, even on my worst days, I serve a God that still loves me, and that He saw fit to bless me with a husband that will put up with me. =)

Join me as I chronicle my adventures in the kitchen, getting healthy and fit, living more frugally and naturally, and everyday life!  Thanks for stopping by!




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2 responses to “Welcome To My Blog!

  1. Alexa

    Number 6. Every single time lol.

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